Bug Fishing Coming to a End

October 19, 2021
Matt Miles

Fall has officially arrived.  Warm weather is still hanging on with some cooler mornings requiring a vest or light jacket.  With the cooler night temps the remaining annual cicadas will die off and with the cooler nights brings cooler water temps.  Cooler temps get the bass fired up to hammer anything and everything, the cool weather reminds them of whats coming, Ole Man Winter.  The unfortunate thing about Fall means its time to put the topwater flies away till next Summer.  Its time to start streamer fishing here real soon.  My last weeks trips some days streamers were the ticket and others topwater bugs got the job done.  I’m going to keep trying topwater as long as its working but it won’t happen much longer.  It was a great September with some days catching multiple trophy smallmouth bass on top.  I ain’t seeing Summer end but it is what it is!

Now with Fall here I’ll continue to pursue smallmouth bass until it gets to cold to make it worth while.  Of course trout are on the menu now and will start running trips this month to the Jackson River Tailwater and other streams.

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