End of Spring

June 5, 2022
Matt Miles

Spring is coming to a close and it has been a great year on the water so far! I spent three weeks guiding two trips a day in Weldon, NC on the Roanoke river for migratory striped bass. This year was different than all my other previous years. The water stayed consistent majority of the run but the river flow was lower than years past. Wasn't a lot of fish high in the rapids due to the lower flow but there was some nice stripers. Most of my time there was fishing downstream finding huge schools of hungry fish. A couple mornings never left the sight of the ramp due to amount of striped bass feeding. Already looking forward to next year down there and thank you to all that came down to enjoy this awesome fishery!

Since I have been back from guiding the striped bass I have been targeting trout and smallmouth bass with clients. I have finished up guiding for trout this week so will be floating the rivers for smallmouth bass from now into the Fall. My past couple smallmouth trips have been productive with topwater flies so it has begun! Looking forward casting poppers to the banks and the shadows for smallies. July, August, and September I still have availability to get your smallmouth bass fix!

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