Fun in the Jungle

October 12, 2022

I'm fresh off the plane from a incredible trip in Brazil with my friends Nomadic Waters. This was my 5th hosted trip with Nomadic Waters and my best trip with high fish numbers and high numbers of double digit sized peacock bass. I took 11 anglers on this trip, it was awesome to finally get this trip done after a two year break due to covid19. My group beat my 2018's group record by 200 fish. My group landed 1820 fish in 6 days! I'm not sure on numbers but the best Ive seen with 10 plus pound peacock bass caught. One angler caught 10 big fish in the 6 days with the largest being 15 pounds! One day my co angler and myself hooked 5 big fish and landed 4 of them with two of them being 13 pounds. I'm already making plans for next years trip, as of now I will have another early Fall 2023 and a February 2024. Should have dates set in the next month. Check out

Before I left for Brazil I wrapped up my topwater smallmouth bass season. It was a awesome Summer and my last trip ended with a fish just over 20 inches on a popper. Now that it feels like Fall with mornings in the high thirties for temps lately the bass have stopped looking for a floating meal. Now is the time to break out your baitfish and crayfish patterns. The water is cool but they are still eating well trying to get all they can in their stomach before the real cold arrives. I'm still finding bass close to the banks in shallow water as long as deeper water is close by. Sections of river that are shallow bank to bank seem to be empty now. I will continue to guide smallmouth bass till early November unless we get unseasonably colder air temps.

Water is low and clear across the state of VA so that adds more challenge to catch and trick fish into biting. Longer leaders and finer tippets will help on the trout waters. Next week I will be on the trout waters starting more this month.

Hope to see you on the water!

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