Roanoke River Stripers

May 18, 2023
Matt Miles

I'm fresh off the boat from being in Weldon, NC for the past few weeks. It was bitter sweet leaving because the fishing was just getting really good. The striper run this year was a bit goofy. First two weeks I was there the water temps never got above 62 degrees from cool weather we were having. With the cooler temps it kept the stripers from spawning because they really want 68-72 degree water on that river. So with fish waiting to spawn and not that hungry with the cooler temps it was a hard bite some days with the fly. Some of my anglers resorted to jig fishing which helped getting down to them quickly. Thankfully at the end of the second week ( first week of May) warm temps arrived and got the water temperature climbing. The striped bass got busy with the spawn and then came that post spawn feeding frenzy we have been waiting for. The last ten days I was there the fishing was great on the fly rod, topwater eats, and aggressive strikes! They'll be stripers there for the next week or two with the spawn coming so late this year but I had to get back here to the family and my Virginia fisheries.

Thank you to all that came down this year to fish with me during striper run! I look forward to this every year and will be making plans for next season by the New Year!

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