Summer Small Jaws

October 19, 2021
Matt Miles

Well Summer is in full swing here in Virginia.  Humidity, bugs, and hungry smallmouth bass have been keeping us busy on the area rivers.  The smallies are in their Summer pattern of holding tight to the banks waiting and watching for a easy meal.  This means topwater bugs!  There is plenty of insects flying around and falling from the trees now to keep their eyes looking towards the surface.   This year we are seeing a average of 13-15 inch bass on most of the rivers I guide.  Also looks like we had a good spawn, seeing plenty of smallie fry swimming around figuring out what to eat.  Big fish are starting to show themselves more often on the banks now.

Now thats its July we are starting to see those 90 degree days.  We are having a lot less rain than previous years so rivers are on the lower side for this time of year.  Mother Nature tends to help out though, as I type this a tropical storm is moving up the coast bringing hard rain.  Which the smallmouth should enjoy with this rain cooling water temps.

I have been very busy with trips and very thankful.  Currently I have a 6 days available in August (16, 18, 19, 23-25) and September I have plenty of dates left to get on the topwater fishing action.

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