Summer Smallies

July 24, 2022
Matt Miles

Hard to believe July is almost over but time flies when having fun. Its been a good Summer so far targeting my favorite freshwater fish the smallmouth bass. No matter their size every smallmouth fights with everything its got when hooked. Besides how hard they pull and jump, smallmouth bass fishing is simple. They eat on the surface or under so you only need a few good flies. Also their typically not leader shy so 10-15 pound leader is all you need.

The next couple months will provide great topwater action with poppers. Usually August and September provide the best chances at a big smallmouth bass eating on the surface. Sunny days keep them along the banks hiding out in the shade being lazy but give them a easy meal like a bug. September brings cooler nights which means the annual Summer cicadas will start to die and provide a big easy meal for a hungry bass. This is a great time to throw bugs that splat the water hard and get their attention from a distance.

Don't forget about the Fall. Yes a lot of anglers start thinking about the trout fishing again with cooler temps but the smallmouth fishing is still very good. When the smallies feel the cooler water temps it tells them its time to feed aggressively. Baitfish and crayfish patterns are your best bet during the Fall. Last Fall here in Central Virginia was some of the best fishing of the year for me. Actually had great fishing into mid November!

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